Market Trends

Mobile phones have become indispensable devices and an essential part of everyday life, critical in supporting modern fast paced, networked/connected, digital lifestyles. The massive proliferation of these devices can be put into perspective by the fact that currently there are over 5.9 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide against the population of 7.2 billion people (data of 2012), mirroring a penetration rate of over 80%. Also, with average number of mobile phones per person exceeding 1.5, the number of mobile phones is poised to exceed the world’s population in the next few years. The global market for Mobile Phone Accessories is projected to reach over US$80 billion, primarily driven by robust growth in smartphone sales across the globe. Growing desire among Mobile Phone users to enhance functionality and performance of their phones and the trend towards personalization of Mobile Phones, especially with regard to device appearance are also expected to generate opportunities for growth over the next few years. Robust demand from Asia-Pacific also augurs well for the future of this market. By positioning your Ondigo Nation business in front of worldwide mobile trends it can be as big and successful as you want it to be. It all depends on you.


The mobile phone far extends the use of communication for the consumer. With phones becoming more intelligent – they follow the consumer throughout his daily life. Consumers are using smartphones to assist them in managing and improving their daily assignments. As such, they want their mobile device to be best protected and fully active (charged) everywhere they go. Consumers seek devices that reflect their personal identity (Self expression) and can be adjusted to their way of life (Lifestyle). Consumers are using smart accessories to improve (Upgrade) the basic features of the mobile device and to enhance their activities in games, music, and photography. With technology becoming more complicated, consumers are in search of easy to handle products (Effortlessness) and they seek to optimize functional solutions and synchronize between systems or substances (Optimization). To fully enjoy smart utilities, apps alone are no longer satisfying – it is required to combine additional hardware to allow consumers to better accomplish their daily assignments. Nowadays we see a new emerging market of intelligent solutions that are carried by sophisticated devices added to the smartphone. Just imagine the possibilities of having access to products like Ondigo revolutionary lifestyle. Imagine how huge the market for these products can be. And now, imagine the opportunity this represents for you.


Ondigo Nation’s Associate Program makes all of this possible. It’s revolutionary and innovative plan rewarding you for hard work, commitment and leadership. For this reason, Ondigo has invested considerable time and money in developing products and a compensation plan that gives every Associate the best opportunity for success – a plan that establishes a departure from the traditional marketing requirements.

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